Portrait photo of Madeleine Humer

On June 27, Governor General Mary Simon announced 83 appointments to the Order of Canada for 2024—a list that includes doctors, activists, artists and economists. Among them is former SMUS choral music instructor, Madeleine Humer, who taught at SMUS from 2003 to 2009.

Simon's office announced one new companion—the highest level of the Order of Canada—16 officers, two honorary officers and 64 new members, the introductory honour level in the order. Two of the appointments are promotions within the Order of Canada.

"The Order of Canada recognizes individuals who have made positive and lasting impacts on communities here in Canada, or who have brought honour to our country abroad," the Governor General said in a media statement.

Madeleine was highlighted for her work as a music teacher and a children's choir conductor. She is a beloved mentor and music educator in choral conducting. Her school choirs have performed with professional orchestras and choirs, and in many Pacific Opera Victoria productions. She is renowned for her work as the founder and past artistic director of the Victoria Children's Choir, which was invited to perform in festivals and commemorative celebrations both in Canada and abroad. An admired soloist, she specializes in Baroque music and performs on stages worldwide.

Madeleine taught choral music in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools at St. Michaels University School for seven years. She brought so much to the Choral program in her time at SMUS, introducing a number of significant new elements, most notably the Chamber Choir.