Student with two alumni

Throughout Financial Aid February, donations made to support financial assistance at SMUS are matched by an alumni donor. We need to raise $300,000 in financial aid donations in support of this year’s Annual Fund.

St. Michaels University School offers a world-class education that not only requires exceptional faculty, programs, and facilities, it also demands a diverse socio-economic student body. Having a range of talented students, regardless of their backgrounds, is vital to the SMUS community.

Each year during the month of February, we celebrate our financial aid recipients and the donors who make it all possible.

Financial assistance is given to students in the form of financial aid bursaries and scholarships. Financial Assistance is based on need, and scholarships are merit-based. We have 20% of our student body on financial assistance, and we do not intend to stop there. We have ambitious plans to increase the percentage of families receiving financial aid. To do just that, we need to consistently raise funds through our Annual Fund campaign and through building our endowment.

We know that SMUS’s financial aid programs play an important role in the lives of its recipients – both past and present. Not only do they provide deserving students with an outstanding education, but it is also instrumental in helping them reach their full potential – as lauded by three amazing alumni:

Neil Mulholland ’88

“I was fortunate enough to benefit from [financial assistance], and beginning in 1985, I found myself in a place where success was celebrated by the school community, where the encouragement to succeed came from every side, and where we learned to take pride in each other’s achievements,” says Neil Mulholland ’88, chair of the SMUS Alumni Association. “I benefited from teachers who taught me to think critically, to question everything, to search out alternate sides and approaches, to examine the available evidence through a dispassionate lens. I benefited from a peer environment in which learning, ambition and success were considered 'cool.'”

Chiara Clemente ’13

“My most memorable experiences involved outtrips of all kinds  and taking part in the musical productions,” says Chiara Clemente ’13. “These are experiences that I would not have otherwise had in my life and I can confidently say that they played a part in shaping who I am today.”

Quinn Ngawati ’17

“With each passing year as a SMUS alum, my gratitude and pride for the school – and especially the financial aid I received – increases,” says Quinn Ngawati ’17. “I am proud to say that my SMUS experience and education have helped shape me into the man I am today.”

With the continued support of our parents, alumni, and past parents, financial aid will have an impact on the success of the individual student and our school.

Financial Aid February

February is Financial Aid February at St. Michaels University School. This month we turn to the importance of accessibility to the school through financial aid.

Please join all the other SMUS community members, past and present, who have helped young people attend our school and enjoy a world-class education.

Please visit our website to make your donation now to Financial Aid at SMUS.