A great asset of a school like SMUS is having an amazing community of talent and expertise to draw upon to enrich our programs. This is especially important for experiential education programs, which are designed to inspire students with what life could be like beyond high school.

I'm therefore delighted that SMUS will welcome alumnus Emily Reid '09 back to campus from March 5-7. Since leaving the school, Emily has earned a degree in music and is now pursuing a career as a professional musician in Nashville, Tennessee.

During her visit Emily will be working extensively with the Grade 10 Experiential Education program, focusing on music writing and production. However, she will also take time to connect with music students at our Junior and Middle School, too, visiting classes and collaborating with teachers to prepare lessons. As well, Emily will perform for students during the Middle School chapel and Senior School assembly.

We are also excited to welcome all members of the SMUS community to attend a special concert on the evening of March 7 in the school Chapel, which will begin at 6:30 pm. The concert will feature student performances, as well as Emily as she performs some of her own outstanding music.

Please come out to support our talented musicians and see one of our own back where it all began!