The Sustainability Council took over the Middle School on Tuesday spreading important messages around being more aware of your environmental impact and how to make a positive difference.

The day was themed around a quote from teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg: "No one is too small to make a difference." That message rings true at the Middle School where young students demonstrate their passion for and commitment to protecting the planet through intentional actions every day.

Chapel, led by the Sustainability Council, encouraged all students to reflect on their place in the world and how their daily actions can either positively or negatively impact the environment.

"We ask you to think about small but important ways that we can raise our baseline in terms of caring for our planet," said Grade 8 student Larisse Z.

"During the winter break, what can you do with your family that gives you joy without having a negative impact?" asked Grade 8 student Noah M.

Students and teachers had the opportunity to participate in a reflective exercise where they were encouraged to be honest with themselves as they wrote down areas in their lives where there's opportunity for improvement, for the sake of the environment.

Students used recycled materials to create artwork and Christmas decorations to display at the Middle School.[/caption]

"While there are many, many wonderful things that we are doing to care for the Earth, there is also room to grow and improve because no one is too small to make a difference," said Grade 7 student Yingfan B.

The Sustainability Council also organized recess and lunchtime events, including offering waste-free snacks, creating art projects using recycled materials and hosting a virtual presentation from two BC Lions football players on energy consumption.

Added Grade 7 student Deristhi G.: "We hope that you will continue to consider your actions and, when you can, make an effort to contribute positively to the future of our planet."