The University Counselling department helps you and your parents navigate the post-secondary options available to you.

Through a variety of activities, experiences, and interactions, you'll have the opportunity to explore the options for your academic choices in high school, your post-secondary plans and potential career pathways.

Students in Grades 9-12 are partnered with one of our academic advisors.

The main goal of our university counsellors is to guide you in finding schools and programs that are good matches, and then to offer helpful information on procedures, timelines and application expectations.

At the heart of this process are strong personal relationships they build with you, your teachers, your parents and with post-secondary institutions all over the world.

Ruth McGhee from University Counselling with Senior School students

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Learn more about the support you will receive from our university counsellors as they help prepare you for life after SMUS.

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Meet Our University Counselling Team

Photo of Jenn Bateman

Jenn Bateman

University Counsellor

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Photo of Ruth McGhee

Ruth McGhee

Director of University Counselling

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Photo of Megan Parry

Megan Parry

University Counsellor

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Photo of Maggie Su

Maggie Su

Administrative Assistant, University Counselling

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University Counselling News

Harvard trio, Jasper, Aysha and Sean

University Acceptances

Recent SMUS graduates are studying at hundreds of post-secondary schools around the world.

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