Apply for Junior Kindergarten

We are delighted you are considering SMUS for your child and welcome an application from your family. Junior Kindergarten at SMUS will help your child deepen the joy of discovery and will set them up for a successful transition to Kindergarten and the rest of their journey at our school.

Key Information

  • We are now accepting applications for Junior Kindergarten for 2024. Additionally, if your child has a birthdate of 2019, you may at that time apply for Kindergarten. 
  • Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten are the recommended entry points for the SMUS Junior School. A limited number of spaces become available in Grades 1-5 and we therefore highly recommend Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten as your entry year to SMUS.
  • The main Junior Kindergarten admissions process begins each fall for the following September. We suggest submitting your child's application prior to September, one full year ahead of your desired entry year.
  • Junior Kindergarten candidates are invited to small group, play-based assessments. These in-person visits are required as part of the admissions process.
  • We invite you to contact Admissions to learn more about SMUS and the wonderful opportunities we offer from JK - 3 to Grade 12.