Applying to Kindergarten

Although applications are accepted year-round, it is advisable to have Kindergarten applications completed by September 1st. This will allow for your child’s application to follow the process in a timely manner.

Applying for entry into Kindergarten is a three-step process:

To submit an application to SMUS you will need to:

Complete an online application. Please be prepared to submit the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of recent pre-school reports, if they are provided by the pre-school.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s permanent residency card.

You will also be asked to provide details of a confidential reference.

Campus Visit (Tour, Testing and Interviews)

Please Note: the application must be submitted before you can schedule a campus visit for testing and interviews. This will ensure that your visit to the campus is both worthwhile and personalized.

Once an application has been processed each student will be invited to visit the Junior School with their parents. Each visit will include:

  • a meeting with the Director of the Junior School;
  • a tour of the school with a Welcome Committee member;
  • an individual assessment of the child; and
  • the opportunity to learn more about financial assistance programs.

To arrange a visit to the Junior School campus located on Victoria Avenue, please contact the Admissions Assistant at (250) 598-3922.

Play Workshop

All children will be invited to attend a play workshop that is held at the Junior School. Each child will join a small group of children of the same age and will participate in a play time that allows the Admissions team to observe the children in a social setting. Parents are requested to leave their children at the school for the time allotted and are asked to return to collect their children after an hour.

The Admissions team will review the complete application and decide to place the application in one of three categories:

  1. Offer: the applicant is offered a place.
  2. Wait Pool: the applicant is placed in the wait pool until a space becomes available.
  3. Non-Acceptance: in cases where the Admissions department feels the applicant would not benefit from the program at St. Michaels University School, or if it seems unlikely that spaces will be available, we will notify prospective families as soon as possible.

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