What Fees Cover

The Boarding tuition fee above includes: 

  • 10 months of instruction and textbooks
  • Transportation costs for SMUS athletic teams, music groups and other clubs
  • Accommodation on campus and meals
  • 24-hour nursing, care and support
  • Most weekend activities

We advise budgeting another $500 per month for additional expenses like uniform, optional trips and technology.

Additional Information about Fees

Boarding families who pay North American or BC fees are able to elect one of three payment plans:

  • Pay in full
  • Twice per year
  • A monthly plan over 10 months

Learn more about payment schedules and how to pay your fees on the Payment Options page.

Sibling Discount

All categories of fees are eligible for a 5% discount off tuition for each additional child that attends SMUS when you have one child already registered for the same year. 

Our Sibling Discount Appeal

if you are comfortable meeting the financial obligations of tuition without the 5% sibling discount, SMUS asks you to consider donating that 5% to our annual fund in exchange for a tax receipt (in Canada, the US and Britain) to support our campaign to build our endowment and make SMUS more affordable for all families.