About the Junior School

An education that begins at our Junior School sets children up for success. From academics to arts to character education, learning at SMUS means preparing students for life.

Joining the SMUS community means your child will get an outstanding education that will prepare them for life. We offer a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 program that's recognized worldwide. Every aspect of your child’s experience is structured as part of a 13-year journey. We offer a seamless progression in our academic, arts, athletics, outdoor education, and character education programs.

The Junior School is a place of joyful learning, where your child will discover their passions and interests. The program at the Junior School is inquiry-based, meaning students drive their own learning. As these are the first years of your child's schooling, they receive a breadth of academic, artistic and athletic courses. In every grade, your child will be challenged and supported in an enriched learning environment by core and specialist teachers. Our class sizes are kept small, with a ratio of one degreed teacher for every six students.