Grade 8

Leadership and independence are big parts of being a Grade 8 student, and this year helps prepare students for life at the Senior School in all areas of their educational experience.

Grade 8 is about making sure students are fully ready for life at the Senior School. Students know who they are as learners and how to take ownership of their learning. They know where they excel, where they need support, how to set learning goals and, most importantly, how to communicate that to their teachers.

Grade 8 students have the chance to take on formal leadership roles in our community to support new classmates. It’s also the first year of our boarding program, so students’ worldviews expand as they make friends from all over the world.

By the end of Grade 8, students will be ready for the opportunities available to them in high school. They will be leaders in our school who can manage themselves independently. Students will also have a more finely tuned idea of their talents, passions and interests.

Course Selection

In Grade 8, students take required courses in:

  • Humanities (English and Social Studies)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • French
  • Visual Arts
  • Choir
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Applied Design, Skills and Technologies
  • Exploratory

Students will also be able to choose from the following electives:

  • Band or Strings
  • Mandarin, Communication Skills or Computer Science