A group of Kindergarten students pose in their Halloween costumes

Halloween celebrated at SMUS earlier this week was a frightening good time!

Students and teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12 dressed up and enjoyed a number of fun Halloween activities and events.

At the Junior School, students enjoyed a costume parade, along with spooky stories and songs.

Grade 8 leaders at the Middle School organized a pumpkin carving event, and a Halloween activity that featured costume contests and games.

At the Senior School, the prefects and Grade 12 students held a costume parade, games, and Halloween photo booth, in addition to building a haunted house in Brown Hall on the weekend.

Scroll through to check out photos of Halloween at all three schools. And find tons more photos from the festivities on the SMUS Photo Gallery.

A student dressed as an avocado smiles
A Senior School student dressed as Batman
Two students wearing Halloween costumes smile together for a photo outside
A teacher, dressed as the Cat in the Hat, sits and works with a group of costumed students on Halloween
A trio of students in colourful dresses at Halloween
A Grade 1 student dressed as a vampire dances in the Junior School foyer
A student dressed as a hippie works at a whiteboard
Senior School students dressed as a lifeguard and shark during Halloween
A trio of Grade 5 students in Halloween costumes
A student wears a purple Halloween banner that reads 'Beware!'
A trio of students, dressed as a venus flytrap, a scarecrow and a scary clown, at Halloween.
Two students dressed in colourful Halloween gowns smile for a photo
A Middle School student dressed as an old lady works on a laptop
Senior School science teachers dressed as a gambler and a slot machine for Halloween