No matter what time of day you walk through the Middle School, you are almost certain to be greeted by the sound of music drifting through the hallways. It may be the low, strong sound of a double bass rising up from the strings room, or it might be the beat of our percussionists or the bright sound of the flutes emanating from the band room. Often it is the sound of choir voices singing in harmony as they tackle a classical or pop music tune in the library.

Such is the nature of music in the Middle School: passionate and pervasive. There is plenty of it to go around as it touches the lives of every student during their three-year program. Students are exposed to a variety of genres and have the opportunity to take artistic risks. Faculty are given the opportunity to work with talented performers, and to foster curiosity and connections between music and the greater world around us.

Research shows that music enriches the brain and stimulates creative thinking and expression across disciplines. We are proud of the positive impact that our music program has on a daily basis on overall student learning in the Middle School.

Public performances, including our biennial musical production, allow parents and other members of our communities to share in and celebrate our students’ accomplishments. The Cross-Campus Strings Concert in April kicked off a fantastic season of shows which also includes the Spring Choral Concert (May 15) and Cross-Campus Band Concert (May 22), along with the annual Jazz Night (May 29). Our Closing Ceremonies on June 20 will also feature musical selections. Each event showcases the growth of our students and pays tribute to the importance and power of music as part of a well-rounded and holistic SMUS education.

Please join us over the next few weeks as we celebrate a successful year of musical education and exploration for our young performers!