The Junior School Annex Atrium

As the new school year unfolds, excitement fills the air within the Junior School community. The reason for this palpable enthusiasm? The Trottier-Morgan Annex. This addition to the campus has not only captivated the students but has also strengthened the sense of community and collaboration. 

The design of the Annex reflects our connection to nature while retaining the school's classic character. The Annex is light and airy. The infusion of natural elements, such as a mobile adorned with leaves and gulls, tree imagery, birds along our donor wall, and the play of natural light, creates an indoor-outdoor feel that enhances the learning experience, encouraging curiosity and exploration. 

Children describe the Annex as a place that evokes feelings of happiness, calm, and a readiness to learn. Classrooms have pops of vibrant colours, flexible learning areas, a mix of standing and seated tables, and cutting-edge technology. We see that this empowers our educators and young learners alike. As one teacher shared, "Watching the children explore the building is exciting. They are in awe of the space. They are thrilled to be here."

Echoes of adoration

But it's the voices of our children that truly capture the spirit of the Annex. Grade 1 student Kinzie loves the Library Learning Commons, where "there are so many areas in the room and so many kids who love to read." And, Adrian, also in Grade 1, appreciates the two floors and “all the light that shines in.” Sofia, in Grade 4, treasures the beautiful music room and the chance to participate in choir and strings in the space. Chloe, also in Grade 4, values the openness and the views from the upstairs Atrium and the new outdoor classroom. Emily, in Grade 3, says she loves the wide hallways, and describes the school as "special," noting she likes that there are doors between classrooms so she can collaborate with others.

Watching the children explore the building is exciting. They are in awe of the space. They are thrilled to be here.

- Becky Anderson, Director of Junior School

A student discusses her drawing

Our youngest learners are equally enamoured with the new space. A child in our inaugural Junior Kindergarten class, loves the Library Learning Commons and the opportunity to choose books to bring back to the classroom. A three-year-old in the Sandpiper Room is enchanted by the big wooden staircase and “all the books.” Olivia in Kindergarten loves the field and eagerly anticipates the new playground that is being installed now. Julia loves that she can see the trees outside the window of the art room. And, Grade 1 student Jerimiah exudes fascination with the “interesting things all around.” Many others share that they just simply “love it all!”

More than bricks and mortar

The Annex is not just a building; it's a catalyst for community building and collaboration. The central meeting point in the Atrium promotes interaction among students, teachers, and parents alike. The spaciousness and inviting design encourage students to engage in social activities and work together on projects, setting the stage for a collaborative learning environment.

As one Grade 3 parent mentioned, they are "excited for children to be a part of this new chapter in the history of the school." Another Grade 2 parent shared, "My child is so proud of the space." These sentiments capture the collective anticipation for the positive impact the Annex will have on generations of learners to come.

The Trottier-Morgan Annex is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of SMUS and its students, paving the way for a bright and promising journey ahead, where all students flourish.