Counselling Services at Junior School

Growing up isn’t always easy. Life is increasingly complex and fast-paced, and our children often need support to help them adjust to life’s changes and challenges.  

Between the ages of 5 and 11, the most common difficulties that students encounter include:

  • attachment issues (e.g., separation anxiety);
  • grief and loss issues;
  • adjustment to change (e.g., a new school or parental separation and divorce);
  • peer issues and social anxiety;
  • depression;
  • behavioural challenges; and
  • difficulties with organization, planning, and managing stress.

A counsellor is available at the Junior School on a part-time basis to promote healthy, positive adjustment and resilience for students as they navigate school and family life in their early years. We focus on maximizing students' success in all areas of life by building coping mechanisms, developing character, promoting overall wellness, and equipping them with the skills and strategies to manage their emotions effectively. 

Working closely as part of a team with other Junior School teachers, the counsellor’s role is to support, nurture and enhance the social-emotional growth and development of students, working with them individually and in small groups. The counsellor also visits classrooms to hold discussions on topics such as managing emotions, healthy relationships, decision-making, self-discipline or sexual health.

Usually student needs are identified by teachers, in which case parents are consulted, and counselling proceeds with parental involvement and consent. When necessary, we can make referrals to professionals in the community.

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