At SMUS, learning is hands-on and students are asked to apply their learning to real-world problems

Exploratory Program at SMUS

Exploratory is a class where learning something new is mandatory! This program is an opportunity to learn outside of the core classes and find new interests alongside students from all Middle School grades.

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Students are asked big questions in Middle School. We use a rigorous inquiry-based learning style where the focus is to go in-depth and give opportunities to be creative and use that knowledge. Project-based learning gives students a real-life problem to solve and often brings in experts from the community to act as consultants. It’s meaningful work where students can see how what they're learning can solve real-world problems.

Supporting this approach is teacher collaboration. Our teachers work in cross-disciplinary teams, creating opportunities for students to apply different perspectives across their classes into one project.

The Middle School program is designed to be immersive and full of opportunities. There are choices, but students are encouraged to not restrict themselves or have preconceptions about what they might enjoy. Because of this, the program gives equal weight to each subject, meaning music and athletics are given the same amount of time as core subjects such as math and English.

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Core Subjects

Find out about the core subjects all Grade 6-8 students take.

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Elective Subjects

Find out about the elective subjects students can take.

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Find out how students are evaluated to support their learning.

Virtual Open Houses

Join us on October 22 to learn more about Boarding, our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

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Launch Middle School

Take a virtual guided tour of the Middle School.

SMUS Middle School Viewbook coverThe Middle School viewbook provides an overview of programs and the SMUS experience.

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