Cross-Campus Connections

New Senior School students are welcomed to campus

Similar to the Middle School WEB program, Link leaders welcome Grade 9s to the Senior School each year

While the Middle School years are about challenge, independence and character, they also help prepare students for the Senior School. The academic rigour, leadership opportunities and skill development that students focus on in Grades 6-8 serve them well at the Senior School and beyond.

Students leave the Middle School knowing who they are as learners and how to take ownership of their learning. They know where they excel, where they need support, how to set learning goals and – most importantly – how to communicate that to their teachers. These skills, along with a deep love of learning, are crucial as post-secondary goals become clearer at the Senior School.

Shared Facilities to Ease Transitions

The Middle and Senior Schools are on the same campus and share many of the same facilities, so the physical transition to Grade 9 is easy. To help with the academic transition, students start meeting with their Grade 9 Advisor in the middle of their Grade 8 year to discuss course selections and to ask questions about the coming school year.

Middle School and Senior School students share the Sun Centre dining hall and gym facilities, and there are many events throughout the year that see students from all grades interacting with each other.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Grade 9 students are welcomed to the Senior School by Grade 12 Link leaders. WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) and Link Crew are Middle School and Senior School transition programs built on the belief that students are the best people to help other students succeed in a new environment.

Both programs recruit older students to act as role models, motivators, leaders and teachers who guide their new schoolmates to discover what it takes to be successful in their new school. WEB leaders and Link Crew kick off the school year with a fun and energetic orientation day that makes students excited and proud to be attending their new school and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their success.

Academic and social follow-up activities continue throughout the year, providing students with a structure that helps them make real and lasting connections with one another.

FirinneThe Middle School prepares you so much for the Senior School that it is not hard to make the change. Everyone wants you to do your best, and the teachers and your peers are there to support you the whole time.

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