Dariol Haydock

Dariol Haydock
Assistant Director, Middle School
Teacher, Middle School French
September, 2001
BA (University of Victoria); BEd, MEd (University of British Columbia)
Children who feel safe, cared about, respected and understood embrace learning.

Dariol’s experience is as diverse as the Middle School. She has spent time in California, West Vancouver, Ontario, Spain and Belgium. In 2009-2010 she took a sabbatical and travelled the world with her husband, home-schooling their two children along the way.

“I read, practiced my languages, cycled and learned new card games,” Dariol says. “It was a very intense, vibrant and powerful year to reflect and learn. It was a life changing experience.”

Now in her tenth year at the Middle School, Dariol feels she has really found a place to share her knowledge and grow professionally. She finds it especially fascinating to be part of the three-year Middle School journey with the students.

“I love Middle Schoolers! I appreciate their ability to take risks, get excited and devour new ideas,” she says. “Their energy fuels me and I feel my humour and empathy work well with this level of student.”

Character education is very important to Dariol and she feels lucky to be able to focus on it with the students every day.

“Learning is constant,” she says. “We are privileged to do the work we do and we must learn alongside our students.”

Outside of SMUS and her family, Dariol is very excited to be part a project that is helping build a teacher’s college in Malawi.