Tony Goodman

Tony Goodman
Head of History
Teacher, Senior School History and Psychology
September, 2005
BA, MEd (University of Victoria); PDP (Simon Fraser University)

Help students connect their studies to the real world.

Tony taught Grades 6-12 in public schools in the Saanich School District for 18 years before moving to SMUS. He loves history, politics and psychology, and has been active in different history organizations for many years. His enthusiasm certainly boils over into the classroom.

“I believe that every learner is capable and that each person inherently wants to achieve his or her full potential,” says Tony. “The classroom should be engaging, interesting, accommodating of individual needs, fun, and interactive.”

After spending the summers of his youth working construction and spending a year working in England and France, Tony realized he needed an education to escape life as a labourer. After becoming a teacher, he was a department head for many years in Saanich and the Instructional Support Teacher in charge of curriculum at the school district level. Tony also taught instructional strategies at the University of Victoria as well as distance education courses.

Tony is an avid runner and cyclist, and he enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He has chaperoned many student trips to different government simulations, including model congresses, model parliaments, model United Nations, and volunteer trips to orphanages and schools in developing countries.

He is proud of his family of three daughters and his wife, and regularly enjoys family celebrations and get-togethers.