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很高興您決定深入了解為何 SMUS 能成為加拿大頂尖的學校之一的原因。

SMUS 的入學競爭相當激烈,我們歡迎8 至 11 年級的學生提出 寄宿申請。

在招生的過程中,首先家長需填寫一份線上申請。在提交申請後,我們將對其進行審核並考慮後續步驟。SMUS 的所有學生均須參加入學考試。 

我們通常會親赴貴國進行考試。若我們無法在貴國國內與您會面,則考試和面試可透過 Zoom 和 Skype 來進行。名額有限,建議您盡快提交申請

We are so glad that you have decided to learn more about what makes SMUS one of the best schools in Canada.

Admissions at SMUS is a competitive process and we welcome boarding applications for Grades 8 to 11.

The admissions process begins with parents completing an online application. Once the application is submitted, we will review it and consider next steps. All students at SMUS write entry exams. 

We often travel to your country to conduct testing in person. If we are unable to meet you in your country, testing and interviews can be conducted via Zoom and Skype. Spaces are limited and you are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible.