The SMUS Alumni Association

Memorandum of Understanding

We're delighted to report that on May 26, 2021, SMUS and the SMUS Alumni Association agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding to help guide and inspire our shared commitment to alumni globally. Read more on the SMUSpaper.

SMUS Alumni Association Website

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SMUS AA Website

The SMUS Alumni Association is a separate organization from Alumni Relations and is run by alumni on a volunteer basis. The Alumni Association works to support the bonds between alumni and to ensure alumni remain involved in the school's growth and development.

The SMUS Alumni Association has four main objectives.

  1. To promote the interests of the Alumni of University School, St. Michael's School and St. Michaels University School;
  2. To promote the interests of St. Michaels University School and any institution replacing it or successor to it and future interests of the school;
  3. To secure funding for a variety of purposes to be determined by the Trustees of the St. Michaels University School Alumni Association; and
  4. To maintain among Alumni of the University School, St. Michael's School and St. Michaels University School the common interests which were developed in them at the school.

Our Mission

"We are committed to advocacy for SMUS of SMUS to ensure fulfillment of the SMUS mission."