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Our AGM was held in true pandemic style, later than planned and using Zoom. Of note at this meeting was the change in the composition of the Alumni Association for the coming year. Jeremy Cordle ’91 and Chris May ’92 are shifting their alumni attention from the Association Board to the development of a committee about Alumni Rugby.

Jeremy Cordle ‘91, our former Alumni President has opted to step down. As he “hung in there” to make sure we transitioned, we are grateful to his support and dedication to the school and 12 years dedicated to our Association. Jeremy will remain involved as he is going to be assisting in helping to develop the Alumni Rugby committee with Chris May, Tye Spicer and the other alumni that are stepping forward to assist with this. We wish you well Jeremy as you start up your new youth training centre, expand your business and continue to plow forward with innovation and energy.

Chris May ‘92 is also stepping down. Chris has been on the Alumni Association for many years. This last year he stepped up as the Vice Chair. We are grateful to his calming presence, his steady and thoughtful contributions as he is steadfast in his ability to “cut to the chase” and to offer sage advice on how he would proceed. Chris too will continue to be connected to the school as his daughter Harper started this year in Grade 9. He is also going to work as a board liaison for the Alumni Rugby committee.

Remaining on the Board as part of their terms are Phil Woodcock ‘90, Tye Spice ‘98, Tom Erlic ‘88, Matt Ashton ‘13, William Cunningham 77, and Christopher Devlin ‘86 who especially has done a lot of patient handholding as we put together this next agreement. Neil Mulholland ‘88 is joining us from Vancouver with a fresh perspective from outside of Victoria. We are very happy to have him join our board.

Samantha Stone ‘87

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The SMUS Alumni Association is a separate organization from Alumni Relations and is run by alumni on a volunteer basis. The Alumni Association works to support the bonds between alumni and to ensure alumni remain involved in the school's growth and development.

The SMUS Alumni Association has four main objectives.

  1. To promote the interests of the Alumni of University School, St. Michael's School and St. Michaels University School;
  2. To promote the interests of St. Michaels University School and any institution replacing it or successor to it and future interests of the school;
  3. To secure funding for a variety of purposes to be determined by the Trustees of the St. Michaels University School Alumni Association; and
  4. To maintain among Alumni of the University School, St. Michael's School and St. Michaels University School the common interests which were developed in them at the school.

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"We are committed to advocacy for SMUS of SMUS to ensure fulfillment of the SMUS mission."