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Full Calendar

Mon, Apr 23, Day 6
MS Athletcs Apr 23-29
ISA Golf Tournament
Apr 23-25 Eng/Soc 3 Extension Days
Junior School Monday Chapel
Golf - ISA Tournament
Grade 10 Expedition Day D
UC Berkley, Davis, & San Diego Presentation
Ryerson University Presentation
Monash University Presentation
Track Club for Grades 3-5

Tue, Apr 24, Day 7
MS Athletcs Apr 23-29
Junior School Morning Running Club K-5
Gr 6 Immunizations
Apr 23-25 Eng/Soc 3 Extension Days
Grade 1P & 1L Field Trip to Capital Development
Jr Boys Rugby vs Claremont
Grades 4 & 5 Rugby Club
Jr Girls Soccer vs Mt Doug
Badminton vs Mt Doug
Sr Girls Soccer vs St. Margarets
Sr Boys Rugby vs Claremont

Wed, Apr 25, Day 8
MS Athletcs Apr 23-29
Apr 23-25 Eng/Soc 3 Extension Days
University of St. Andrews Presentation
Middle School Pizza Day
Grades 3-5 Track Club
Sr Girls Soccer vs St Andrews
Track & Field Meet #4

Thu, Apr 26, Day 9
MS Athletcs Apr 23-29
English 12 provincial exam
English Provincial Exam 2
English 12 Provincial Exam 3
English 12 provincial exam 4
Apr 26 D9 CHEW 9 DB All students
Apr 26 D9 CHEW 9 DB Math 10N-1, 9-2,3
Pizza Day, Senior School
University of Glasgow Presentation
Junior School Running Club K-5
Junior School Maker Club
Badminton vs Claremont
Sr Girls Soccer vs GNS

Fri, Apr 27, Day 10
MS Athletcs Apr 23-29
Jr Boys Rugby - Invitational 7s Tournament
Winter Camp 3
Junior School Friday Assembly
Grade 3K & 3G Field Trip to Cattle Point
Admissions visits Northern California
Brentwood Regatta
Emerson College Presentation
Update: Junior School Rugby Game vs. Sir James Douglas School
Grades 4 & 5 Rugby Club

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