Grade 2

Grade 2 at SMUS is about fully embracing the academic experience and providing students with age-appropriate opportunities to continue to develop important skills such as communication and creativity.

Grade 2 is an exciting year for students, as they fully embrace and enjoy the academic side of school. There is a considerable amount of time spent practising their reading, writing and numeracy skills and, as a result, there is exponential growth in these areas as the year progresses. As students continue moving through these stages at different paces, teachers are there alongside them every step of the way supporting their needs.

Reading becomes even more enjoyable as they have more choice in which books they can read. They exemplify perseverance and are willing to challenge themselves with progressively more difficult books. As writers, they are able to authentically articulate their thoughts, which allows them to consider their audience, voice and using descriptive language. They also learn how to self-edit to make their writing stronger. In mathematics, lessons are hands-on using concrete objects – such as money and units of measure –  to help them understand how the subject applies to the real world. They learn to solve open-ended problems and can communicate their thinking in different ways

These core skills are embedded in their first research projects, and in their science and social science lessons. They see big leaps in their communication and creativity skills, and their understanding of their personal identity as learners and as people in their world.

By the end of Grade 2, your child will have developed new passions and academic interests, and will have developed stamina to be able to focus on a particular subject or task for a long period of time. Your child will be able to advocate for themselves as a learner, and will know where their strengths and stretches are and how to communicate that to their teachers. Your child will continue to become a kind, empathetic and friendly young person.

Grade 2 Subjects

In Grade 2, your child will get instruction in the following subject areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Applied Design, Skills and Technologies
  • French
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Library
  • Outdoor Education