Grade 4

Students' worlds open up in Grade 4 at SMUS as they are introduced to many new opportunities and are confident in their skills as readers, writers, mathematicians and community leaders.

Grade 4, as the first intermediate grade, is a time when students’ worlds really open up. New and exciting opportunities, including the strings program and competitive sports, get introduced, while also prioritizing the foundations of leadership before becoming a school leader in Grade 5.

Your child will be given lots of independence and will be responsible for their learning, as their classroom teachers help facilitate their education. Your child is given time to develop interests and share them with classmates. As these new passions develop, Grade 4 students have a lot of choice in the direction of the projects they create and the initiatives they want to support.

The classroom environment empowers students to confidently grow in all areas supporting their academic, social and emotional skills. Students in Grade 4 are, in fact, leaders, readers, writers and mathematicians, and they will continue to see growth. Your child will not only know who they are as a learner but also they recognize the complexities of the world around them, and that they have the skills to make an impact.

By the end of Grade 4, your child will be a capable and confident independent learner. Your child will have seen significant growth in their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Your child will be willing to take risks and put themselves out there because they understand who they are as a learner and as a global citizen.

Grade 4 Subjects

In Grade 4, your child will get instruction in the following subject areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Digital Skills
  • French
  • Physical Education
  • Choir
  • Strings
  • Art
  • Library
  • Outdoor Education