Grade 5

Grade 5 at SMUS affords students the unique opportunity to be leaders and role models for their peers, while continuing to grow and develop as individual learners.

Grade 5 is the culmination of the Junior School experience. It’s an important year when every bit of learning that has come before it, in terms of academic and social-emotional growth, coalesces into a great year as role models and leaders in the school community.

Academics in Grade 5 become even more hands-on and even more collaborative, as students continue to be actively engaged in their learning through fun projects and classes. Their skills in reading, writing and mathematics continue to grow and become more tailored to their learning style. They have a strong sense of their strengths and areas of growth as learners, and they know how to overcome their own unique challenges. One of the highlights of the Grade 5 year is the annual musical or opera. Through auditions, rehearsals, costumes and make-up, students get to experience what it’s like staging a huge show at a downtown theatre.

Leadership plays a big role in Grade 5, as students take on formal leadership roles to help contribute to the overall wellbeing of their school and their schoolmates. Students understand what it means to be looked up to, and are eager to make good choices and be friendly young people.

The positive transition to Middle School begins in Grade 5, with visits to the Richmond Road campus and time spent with Middle School students, teachers and administrators.

By the end of Grade 5, your child will be excited to start Middle School having had an unforgettable year. Your child will understand their strengths as a leader and will see themselves as a confident leader in their communities, a key skill as they start Middle School as the youngest grade in the school. Your child will have a fun and profound year, as they see how far they’ve come since Kindergarten and now look forward to the next chapter of their schooling.

Grade 5 Subjects

In Grade 5, your child will get instruction in the following subject areas:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Digital Skills
  • French
  • Physical Education
  • Choir
  • Strings
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Library
  • Outdoor Education