Grade 4 students playing cello at a concert

This festive season is made even more special with musical performances by our students. At the Junior School, we enjoyed our Grade 4 and 5 Strings concerts last week, the Carol Service this week, and look forward to our Primary Concert next week. Each of these performances provides children with a common goal to focus on while they are practising, the experience of going from “fine” to “excellent”, an opportunity to play for an audience, and the satisfaction of soaking in the reaction after a job well done! 

Our music program is such an integral part of our school, fostering a love of music and finding its inherent beauty, all while ensuring a joyful experience. At the heart of this are our dedicated music teachers who provide students with transformative experiences through performances. 

The intentional preparation begins with selecting repertoire that challenges and inspires, and introducing pieces that resonate with students. Teachers consider songs that meet the needs of differing abilities to ensure that a competent musician will be challenged, while a student who is developing their skills doesn't feel overwhelmed. This allows the students’ collective skills and personalities to shine. 

The meticulous planning of practices and rehearsals ensures that each child is well-prepared for the performance. Every moment of class time is maximised, with high expectations set to challenge and motivate students. The result is not just a positive performance but a sense of achievement as a result of hard work and the realization that, through the efforts of each individual, the outcome of the collective becomes great.

Having the opportunity to play for an audience is a crucial aspect of our program. Whether it's peers, parents, grandparents, or other members of the community, the presence of a live audience elevates the performance. Students learn to navigate the pressure and excitement, to remain poised, and then shift from practice to performance. This exposure not only sharpens their performance skills but also nurtures life skills such as resilience and adaptability. These musical showcases play a role in shaping the students' artistic abilities as well as their confidence. This, in turn, helps shape us as a community.

The entire process is a carefully crafted journey toward success. 

Whether the children are our youngest or our established Grade 12 musicians, our concerts showcase the school's unwavering dedication to musical excellence. As you enjoy the performances this year, I invite you to join me in expressing gratitude to our faculty, whose efforts have fostered the ideal conditions for every child to thrive on stage.