We believe strongly that "a healthy mind in a healthy body" is a key part of your education at SMUS. That's why we have a robust athletics program that provides you with lots of opportunities to be active, join teams, and focus on your health and well-being.

There are two ways for you to stay physically active at SMUS: in physical education class and by playing sports.

Taking a physical education course is part of your school schedule at the Senior School. You'll enjoy playing traditional school sports with your classmates, including rugby, squash, and soccer. In addition, you'll have the chance to try sports that aren't usually part of a physical education class, such as fencing and wheelchair basketball.

There are also lots of formal and informal ways to be active at SMUS outside of class time, including playing on a competitive team and participating in non-competitive sports. Joining a team is a great way to feel part of the community and research shows that keeping fit has a positive impact on your studies.

Athletics Courses and Extracurriculars

Stay active and prioritize your physical and mental health and well-being by choosing from a selection of physical and health education courses.

Use the tabs below to see the Physical and Health Education courses and opportunities we offer, or download the Academic Program Guide to read full course descriptions.

      Intermural yoga class in Brown Hall

      Grade 9 and 10 courses

      • Physical and Health Education 9
      • Athletic Leadership 10
      • Physical Education 10
      • Sport Science 10

      Grade 11 and 12 courses

      • Active Living 11 - Blended
      • Active Living 11 - Human Performance
      • Active Living 11 - Lifestyle and Fitness
      • Active Living 11 - Standard
      • Active Living 11 - Yoga and Wellness
      • Fitness and Conditioning 11
      • Active Living 12 - Active Sport
      • Active Living 12 - Yoga and Wellness
      • Fitness and Conditioning 12
      Senior School basketball competition at the Save-On Foods arena

      Competitive Sports

      At SMUS you will test your skills against other schools in local sports leagues – and sometimes against teams in Canada and the US. Some graduates join varsity and professional sports teams, and many have represented their countries at world championships and the Olympics. If you’re new to a sport or just finding your way, SMUS has many developmental teams that also give you a taste of competition against other schools.

      To learn more about each of the competitive sports available at the Senior School, please use the menu below.

      Recreational Activities

      You don’t have to play a sport competitively to enjoy being active at SMUS. The recreational program at SMUS is important for keeping fit and having fun with other students. There are many different activities for you to try, which include:

      • Dance
      • Hiking
      • Rock climbing
      • Strength and conditioning
      • Table tennis
      • Yoga
      A rower sits in a single shell boat during practice

      Competitive Sports

      Choose from 13 competitive sports that you can play throughout the school year.

      Latest Athletics News

      Meet Our Teachers and Coaches

      Photo of Melanie Bendfeld

      Melanie Bendfeld

      Teacher, Senior School

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      Photo of Lindsay Brooke

      Lindsay Brooke

      Director of Athletics

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      Photo of Samantha Butler

      Samantha Butler

      Teacher, Senior School

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      Photo of Sydney Chapman

      Sydney Chapman

      Athletic Therapist

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      Photo of Brady Doland

      Brady Doland

      Teacher, Senior School

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      Greg Gilks

      Boat House Manager

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      Photo of Raechel Jones

      Raechel Jones

      Teacher, Senior School

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      Photo of Nikki Kaufmann

      Nikki Kaufmann

      Teacher, Senior School
      Head of Physical Education
      Senior Houseparent, Symons House

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      Photo of Tina Lum

      Tina Lum

      Athletics Coordinator, Senior School

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      Photo of Paul O'Callaghan

      Paul O'Callaghan

      Teacher, Senior School

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      Photo of Kim Oslund

      Kim Oslund

      Athletic Therapist, Senior School

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      Photo of Ritch Primrose

      Richard Primrose

      Acting Director, Senior School
      Teacher, Senior School
      Director of Health and Wellness

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