Mat Geddes

Mat Geddes
Teacher, Senior School Mathematics
Senior House Parent, Barnacle House
Alumnus, Class of 1993
September, 1998
BSc, BEd (University of Victoria), MMT (University of Waterloo)
mathew [dot] geddes [at] smus [dot] ca

Teach for understanding.

“I have always understood the world through patterns and making connections,” says Mat. “Mathematics has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my experiences.”

Mat Geddes started at SMUS when he was just five years old. He first joined the school as a student, but after graduating he came back as a math tutor and a few years later became a house parent.

Mat has seen and experienced a lot of the world. He spent six months in the Himalayas and has visited Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Many of his travels focus on exploring ancient and sacred sites like the Great Pyramids, Chitzen Itza, Nazca, Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat.

Outside of travel, Mat is passionate about sports. He plays hockey and basketball, and loves to surf. He is also a singer/songwriter and plays the guitar, often participating in student concerts and fundraisers. And with the exception of his two children, his greatest passion may be mathematics.

 “Mathematics is an art as well as a science,” says Mat. “Its beauty can only be truly mastered by tempering diligent practice with creativity and discovery.”