Byte Camp U

Discover the world of engineering or game development

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Engineering Camp

The Engineering Camp will inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and design-thinkers by tackling real-world challenges to develop their engineering and technology skills. 

Our Engineers will:

  • Learn circuit boards, 3D design, coding, laser cutting, robotics and automation
  • Engage in hands-on design challenges
  • Take on a real-world project challenge and design, build, test and deploy their solutions
  • Develop a keen interest in innovation, design-thinking and problem solving


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Game Development Camp

The Game Development camp will spark the creative interests of aspiring game developers by learning about the various aspects of game design (coding, design, behavioral psychology, 2D/3D graphics) and how these disciplines come together to produce games that people are passionate about playing.

Our game developers will:

  • learn how to generate original 2D sprites and 3D models for game assets
  • analyze game theory to understand how to design good games
  • challenge themselves to code and test innovative mechanics and features
  • experience the workflow of game development by collaborating on projects with other
  • develop their critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills
  • build awesome games that teach gameplay theories and concepts