Students playing bass and drumsAt all three schools, we provide opportunities for students to develop abilities and talents in music, theatre, creative writing and visual art. Creative outlets provide an important break from traditional academics and encourage students to find new ways to communicate.

Our students come to their studies of the arts with varying levels of talent and interest, but all are expected to take part in the arts. As a school, we want to develop our students as whole people. The arts allow us to do this. A soft-spoken student might find themselves on stage and overcome their stage fright, a transformative experience. A math-minded future engineer may discover a talent for painting or for poetry.

The benefits of music, art and creative writing in our schools go far beyond the concert hall or the canvas. Creative expression helps the brain reach its full potential. Visual art training develops spatial relations and physical co-ordination. Music has long been tied to mathematics. Writing stories and poems builds vocabulary, effective communication skills and helps students understand the perspectives of others. Acting relies on memorization and emotional intelligence. 

The arts, in all their forms, activate our imaginations. They lead us away from rational approaches and teach us to think differently, consider different views and find unique solutions. An education wouldn't be complete without them.

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