Mission, Vision and Values

At St. Michaels University School, our Mission, our Vision and our Values are core to who we are as a school. They guide us and give purpose to the education we provide.

The Importance of our Mission, Vision and Values

Although the school looks different from our beginnings more than a century ago, what we believe in remains the same. The school is committed to ensuring students receive "outstanding preparation for life". This process begins from their first day in Kindergarten through to when they cross the stage on graduation day.

You can find our Values of respect, courage, honesty and service throughout our campuses, in hallways and classrooms and in our Chapel and dining hall. In recognition of the importance of our Indigenous connections, our Values are also represented in four spindle whorls on display across our school. These are continual reminders to students of the importance of our Values.

Enshrined in what we do is the importance of leadership and service as in our Vision: To learn, to lead, to serve. Our aim in seeking our own personal excellence is not our only pursuit – we bring others with us on the journey through leadership and setting an example. 

Students graduate with these principles, confident in who they are and committed to using their skills and talents in meeting the 21st century's challenges and bettering the world for future generations.