Floreat Strategic Plan

Floreat is our 2020-2030 strategic plan designed to grow our school and maintain SMUS at the forefront of K-12 education.

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Watch the Floreat community presentation from January 2020

Latin, Let Flourish

Launched in January 2020, the Floreat strategic plan recognizes the importance of our history, and confidently celebrates who we are and what makes us great, while recognizing that being a leader also means not becoming complacent. As we celebrate our 50th Jubilee year of our amalgamated school as St. Michaels University School in 2021-22 and beyond to the end of the decade, we are ideally poised to begin fresh growth; indeed, to flourish.

Floreat website

Learn more and keep up-to-date with Floreat on the dedicated Floreat strategic plan website.