Rowing Centre

SMUS is fortunate to have our own purpose-built rowing centre on the beautiful Gorge waterway.

The SMUS Rowing Centre is located just south of the Selkirk Trestle, and is an active partner in the Victoria Harbour Community. In addition to being the home for the SMUS Rowing Club, it is also hosts the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club, and the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club.

We have the ability to train on an approximately 3.5 km stretch, with our southern point reaching down to the Robert Bateman Centre in the Inner Harbour, and our northern point most commonly at the Tillicum Street Bridge.  Being a waterway, in high wind situations we are able to work our way to calmer waters, which allows us to train longer and more frequently.


  • SMUS owns 23 Hudson rowing shells, including every category of competitive boat, most of which are equipped for both sculling and sweep rowing. 
  • SMUS has six coach/safety boats, including three wakeless launches. 
  • SMUS operates a dryland rowing training centre, which contains 43 Concept 2 rowing ergometers and six Concept 2 bicycle ergometers, and an on-campus fitness centre.
  • SMUS has a truck and trailer to transport boats and gear to regattas. 

Rowing Program

The rowing program at SMUS operates throughout the school year beginning with a recreational program in the fall, then moving to a high performance program through the winter and spring regatta seasons culminating with the national championships in June.

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