Student enjoying her classAt our core, St. Michaels University School is about academics and learning. We are also passionate in our belief that strong academic performance is within reach for all kinds of students – that the potential for excellence resides in all of us.

St. Michaels University School is not driven by results; we are more interested in the craft of teaching and the nature of learning.

Although they are not our focus, the results achieved by our students demonstrate a principle we believe in strongly: when you focus on learning, you get better results.

This section shares some of the performance measures that point to the success of our approach:

  • Provincial Results: review the results our students achieved this year on provincial exams and foundational skills assessments.
  • Advanced Placement Results: get the statistics on awards, cumulative exam results and individual subject results from last year's Advanced Placement program.
  • Accolades: find out how our teachers and our methods have been recognized in Canada, the US and internationally.

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If you are interested in reading more about our strategic goals and how we measure our success:

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