Athletics at SMUS is a key part of your education. This is founded on the belief that you can benefit from the life lessons of athletics, even if you're new to sports or just enjoy keeping fit.

For accomplished athletes, SMUS provides you with development programs and expert coaching that will take your game to the next level.

Philosophy & Goals

The SMUS athletics program is committed to your athletic potential. We believe that you should experience the lessons of physical literacy, character, community and excellence that competitive and recreational sports can teach. Read more about our Athletic Philosophy.

Boy running at the Junior School

Junior School Athletics

At the Junior School level, the focus is on developing our students' enthusiasm, skills, and commitment. We consciously downplay the competitive aspect of sport to instill a life-long interest in physical activity.

Volleyballs at the Middle School

Middle School Athletics

The focus at Middle School is on participation and teamwork - and in Grades 6 & 7, you can try many sports. By Grade 8, the focus begins to switch to more competitive play in preparation for senior school.

Senior School soccer girls group hug

Senior School Athletics

As a senior school student, you will participate in both a recreational program and, if you're an accomplished athlete, in competitive sports with elite coaching and skills programs.