Student Awards and Recognition

Student Awards and Recognition

Over the past decade, SMUS has gradually moved away from types of student recognition that are based on the idea that one student is better than another. Instead, we recognize students and reward them for their achievements relative to our school's established expectations and standards, rather than comparing them to each other.

Kindergarten to Grade 4

During their early childhood years, it's important for our students to develop a strong sense of their own personal excellence and learn to recognize the unique and valuable contributions each of their classmates make to the school. Accordingly, we avoid formal academic awards during these years.

At the end of the school year, each student takes part in closing ceremonies and receives a certificate of completion.

Grade 5

As students complete their final year at Junior School, we recognize their accomplishments with a record of achievement.

Record of Achievement

The Grade 5 record of achievement lists individual highlights and accomplishments in these categories:

  • Co-curricular activities: recognition for participation on sports teams and in clubs.
  • Service and leadership activities: recognition for serving in roles such as student ambassadors, library and computer monitors, and volunteering time in the community.
  • Outstanding contribution in individual subjects: recognition for instances in which a student has made a consistently outstanding contribution to class.
  • Distinction in individual subject areas: recognition for areas in which students have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in a particular subject.
  • Major Awards: recognition for students who have met the requirements of one or more of our major awards.


There are a small number of awards that are given out to Grade 5 students at the end of each year. In keeping with our philosophy of student recognition and awards, there is a standard set of criteria for each award and every student that meets the criteria is recognized as a recipient of that award.