Junior School Library

The library is the heart of the Junior School: it is a dynamic environment that draws children in and helps to create excited, lifelong readers. All classes visit the library on a regular basis with their Language Arts teacher for book exchanges and for lessons taught by our teacher-librarian.

Through the library program, students:

  • form a positive attitude toward reading;
  • develop  information skills; and
  • become better writers.

A Positive Attitude

There is a strong correlation between reading and achievement in school. We permeate the children’s world with books through many ways, including:

  • regular book exchanges;
  • guest authors and illustrators;
  • reading incentive programs;
  • book fairs visits; and
  • library lessons.

Information Skills

In the library, students learn how to use an automated search and circulation system in order to complete simple but detailed research. Students use these research skills for class assignments and, in the process, access many resources. Beginning in Kindergarten, students also practice note-taking skills and begin to present information in their own words.


For their class presentations, students use writing skills to convey their ideas clearly. Reading the work of professional writers increases writing ability, so our library contains books for a variety of reading levels and interests. Surrounding children with stories and up-to-date resources inspires both creative and academic writing.