Primary Program (K-2)

Primary students spend most of their day with their homeroom teacher, who teaches core subjects and provides a learning environment suited to the needs of each student. All classes focus on integrated learning. For each topic, teachers weave in activities from many different subject areas.

In the primary years, children need time and opportunities to practice what they learn in meaningful and functional ways.

The homeroom teacher is responsible for:

  • Language arts
  • Math
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Life skills

Specialist teachers cover:

  • Art
  • Computer studies
  • Physical education
  • Choir
  • Strings
  • French
  • Library studies

Language Arts

Our teachers use multiple strategies to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students gain a love of language through engaging activities. The broad program balances basic foundations with creative exercises to create enthusiastic readers and writers.


A hands-on approach, incorporating concrete materials, helps young students grasp mathematical concepts. Our classrooms are well-equipped with models and other aides. Students solve problems and apply critical and creative skills to form an important knowledge base for further learning.

Social Studies and Science

At the primary level, integrated learning strengthens understanding of different concepts. Connecting social studies and science lessons to topics in language arts and mathematics helps students absorb knowledge in multiple ways. Field trips and special guests encourage students to explore further and learn more.

Life Skills

Through weekly assemblies and a dedicated class, students acquire basic life skills. Learning how to make choices, set goals and anticipate the future helps students become well-rounded, self-aware, and balanced individuals. Social and emotional development play as large a role in success as academic achievement.