Junior School Programs

Buddies at the Junior School

The Junior School is a place that encourages discussion, involvement and excitement. Classrooms are not quiet, static places but rather are places filled with people who are actively involved in the learning process.

Ours is not a textbook curriculum: whenever and wherever we can, we offer a field trip or invite a speaker to visit. We promote cross-curricular and cross-grade activities. These enriching outings and activities are always directly related to classroom learning and to the curriculum.

We believe that children learn in many ways – accordingly, our teachers provide approaches to learning that suit the needs of all their students. We strive to see the best in each child, always building on his or her strengths and supporting him or her through periods of struggle. This creates a school experience that is unique, rewarding and successful for each child.

SMUS Junior Viewbook cover cropThe Junior School viewbook provides an overview of the program and the SMUS experience.

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