Bus Transportation

St. Michaels University School and Glenlyon Norfolk School share transportation services. Please review the latest version of the combined SMUS/GNS bus routes and maps below, which are subject to change.

Please note the following items:

  • Not all stops are listed. We generally use BC Transit stops, although other stops are possible as long as they are deemed safe.
  • Giving us a wave in the morning really helps us as we approach your stop, as does having your child remind us in the afternoon that their stop is just ahead.
  • We ask that all students be at the bus stop at least three minutes ahead of the scheduled pick-up time. Due to traffic and weather conditions, departure times could vary by 5-6 minutes. However, the driver will not leave the stops prior to the times listed.
  • Passengers pay for each trip with their Student Card, which contains a bar code. Each bus has a bar code scanner. The charge will be applied to the month-end billing.
  • For the majority of SMUS’s transportation needs, the school uses SMUS/GNS buses driven by SMUS/GNS staff drivers. In some cases, SMUS students will travel in a SMUS school van, rental vehicle or private vehicle driven by SMUS faculty or staff. The school also periodically hires certified external transportation companies and drivers to transport students in non-SMUS/GNS school buses or coaches.