Senior School Curriculum

Students enjoying a lecture at the Senior School

Keen and interested young minds thrive when the curriculum is engaging and challenging, and offers significant breadth and depth. Senior School students receive a solid foundation in traditional core subjects, but this is only the beginning.

From Creative Writing, to Human Geography, to Macroeconomics, students are encouraged to select courses they are passionate about, and follow them to the highest level.

For many, this means Advanced Placement (AP) – the School is especially proud of its extensive AP program (including AP Capstone) – and results that consistently rank us as one of the strongest AP schools in Canada. The rigour of AP courses prepares students well for post-secondary studies, and in fact often earns them advance credit.

Our curriculum also reflects current best practices in brain research and education. Experiential learning is part of the content of most Senior School courses, and is an entire program of study in Grade 10.