Senior School Leadership: Grade 10 Program

The Grade 10 program incorporates outdoor education, environmental ethics, leadership and service. Students learn what they can do as an individual, within the community and as a global citizen. Outdoor activity days, experiential afternoons, a service week, and an outdoor expedition combine with an academic program to create a challenging and engaging school year.


Students participate in the regular academic program for the first two terms of the year and the final term runs on an altered schedule with major experiential components.

The experiential term begins with a week-long trip to focus on new skills, team-building and personal responsibility. After that, mornings are spent on core academics, while afternoons are spent on experiential activities such as sculpture and bike repair. English, Math and Science form the academic focus, as Grade 10 students write provincial exams in these subjects at the end of the year.


In the program's first year, Grade 10 students did slightly better on provincial exams, on average, than their peers who attended regular classes. Though the Grade 10 program includes less time in class, academic results in the years following the program remain strong. Many activities and experiences relate directly back to academic success. For example, students can apply co-operative skills to group assignments or apply their knowledge of bike repair to physics and mathematics.