Outdoor Education

Students canoeing in a lake

Students can try a variety of outdoor activities - from kayaking to surfing and hiking

The SMUS outdoor education program balances safety and adventure. At a school surrounded by forests, ocean and mountains, students have plenty of chances to get outside. More than exercise and new experiences, the Outdoor Education program teaches leadership, teamwork, perseverance and goal-setting.

Through outdoor education, students:

  • develop skills in a wide variety of outdoor activities;
  • set, achieve, and perhaps exceed personal goals;
  • build leadership, individual responsibility and self-discipline; and
  • appreciate and respect the natural environment.

Extend Your Learning

Outdoor Trips

All students participate in annual grade-based outdoor trips, as well as other opportunities throughout the year.

Outdoor Council

Outdoor Council organizes activities and trips for the student body throughout the year. Examples of trips include surfing at Tofino and skiing on Mount Washington.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

The international Duke of Edinburgh Award Program involves more than 1.5 million youth from 140 countries. Participants earn awards for improvement in four areas: service, skills, expeditions and fitness. Students actively work towards a bronze, silver or gold award.

Grade 11/12 Outdoor Leadership Course

Through outdoor leadership, Senior School students use their outdoor knowledge to help guide Grade 9 and 10 students on their outdoor trips. Leadership students begin the course in the winter term of their Grade 11 year and finish the course in the fall of their Grade 12 year.

Outdoor leaders must:

  • participate in a leadership orientation training day;
  • participate in a winter experience trip;
  • gain a wilderness first aid certification;
  • attend two evening sessions in the winter; and
  • organize and lead a backpacking, ski touring or sea kayak trip in the spring.

This training culminates in the student performing in a leadership role on the Junior School, Middle School or Grade 11 outdoor trips in the fall.

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