Evenings and Weekends in Boarding

Garry boarder at SMUS describes structureThe structure is the best part of boarding! Because we have prep, which is 7-9, there’s always time to do your homework. There is also time for sport so we stay active and don't stay in our rooms playing video games. Friday and Saturday nights are perfect for just chilling out with your friends.

Your time out of the classroom at SMUS is just as important as your time in the classroom. Living at school doesn’t mean your life revolves around books and studying; you will also have the opportunity to join extracurricular clubs and sports teams, participate in weekend trips and activities, enjoy downtime with your friends and explore Victoria.


Our philosophy is that your recreational time needs to be rewarding. Not only so you can recharge for the coming school week, but also because a balanced education includes more than just books.

Weekends at SMUS are never dull. Houseparents organize lots of weekend activities, including surf and ski trips, shopping, swimming, beach trips, movies, trips to other cities and more. Discover more about the huge range of weekend activities available to you. 


During the school week, you’ll benefit from a set daily structure, but at the same time, your schedule allows you a lot of flexibility and independence to do what you want to do in the evenings.

From Monday to Friday, your school day runs from 8:10 a.m. to 3:25 p.m., with plenty of time before classes start and at mid-day for breakfast and lunch in the Sun Centre dining hall. After school you have time to involve yourself in the extra-curricular side of school life. For example: you might join the soccer team, rehearse for the school musical or work out in the campus fitness facility. Dinner is served from 4:45 to 6:45 p.m., after which is designated quiet prep time so you can focus on your homework or finish any reading to prepare for the next school day. At 9 p.m., the boarding community comes alive again with house and boarding activities, TV and movies in the common room, snacks in the dining hall and time to relax. Lights out times differ by grade, but the boarding houses are quiet by 11 p.m.

Philippe describes how he likes prep time in boardingI have a very busy schedule, with rowing and jazz band after school, and then homework. I think boarding helps with getting your work done. You’re always at school, there’s no time wasted in the car driving to school, and we have prep, so the house is quiet every night for two hours when you’re doing homework. It’s pretty practical for me; with everything that’s going on I need those two hours for the whole house to be silent to get my work done.

Free time on campus

Boarding student at SMUS praciticing violin in a rehearsal room
Soundproof rehearsal rooms are a great place to practise your music

Just because the final bell rings at the end of the school day doesn’t mean the school shuts down. In fact, there’s a lot you can do after school on campus when you have free time:

  • If staying active is a priority, you can access our fitness facilities in the Monkman Athletic Complex, including two large gyms, a fitness centre, squash courts and grass fields. Or join one of the school sports teams.
  • There are 65 clubs and councils you can join that gather after school for meetings, planning sessions and service work.
  • Find a quiet spot in the library, open late most nights, where you can read a good book, catch up on some studying or work away on one of the computers. There are also laptops, tablets, eBook readers, digital cameras and video cameras available for loan.
  • If you play a music instrument, Schaffter Hall for Music has individual, soundproof rooms to practice for the upcoming concert, have a jam session, or join one of the extracurricular choirs and bands.
  • Lots of classrooms remain open if you’re looking for a quiet and productive place to study. In addition to the Academic Support Centre, many of our faculty members are around after class to help you one-on-one with your studies and provide other support.
  • Enjoy a coffee or snack at The Howard Café.

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