Houseparents and Support

You will live down the hall from adults called houseparents. They keep track of your well-being and make sure everything in the boarding house is running smoothly.

Each house has several houseparents that act as guardians and provide guidance for boarding students. Many live in the houses with the students. There is always at least one houseparent available 24/7 for any concern, health or otherwise. They’re here to keep track of your well-being, and to make sure that students are thriving in both their social and academic lives.

Houseparents are also in charge of organizing weekend events, like day trips to Vancouver or surfing in Tofino, and creating inter-house games to help students create friendships outside of their own house. 

There are several houseparents and assistant houseparents for each house, with Grade 8 boarding students having a dedicated houseparent to help them through their first year of boarding.

Who are Houseparents?

Almost all houseparents are members of staff, either teachers, counsellors, or coaches, providing continuity between your life in and out of the classroom. At SMUS, being a houseparent is a chosen role. This means it is not an obligation to them but something they enjoy doing.

Many of our houseparents are long-serving, and some of them are even alumni of SMUS!