Food in Boarding

Boarders at SMUS have their meals in Graves Hall, one of the most spectacular dining halls in all of Canada.

You don’t need us to tell you that good food is important. And when you’re busy with school and your extracurricular activities, the last thing you will want to think about is “What’s for dinner?” Don’t worry – we have that covered with a nutritious, balanced diet. 

As a boarding student, you will be served three balanced meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day. On Sundays, boarders get a special brunch (a late breakfast/early lunch). All meals are served in Graves Hall in the Sun Centre, which is just steps from your boarding house.

"I like that if you want to be healthy, the dining hall has a lot of options. You can get so many fruits and yogurts and salads, and there's also a hot meal. Having so many choices, there’s always something to eat." — Vivien from Shanghai, China