Your House

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When you arrive at SMUS you'll be greeted by your new housemates

When you become a boarding student at SMUS, you will be assigned a 'house'. A house is a community of 40 students and several houseparents. It's where you’ll live and develop friendships and house pride with fellow boarders living right down the hallway. You'll share dinners, attend house meetings and participate in activities together.

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The House Buildings

The house buildings at SMUS have a unique layout.

Find out more about the layout and facilities of the boarding houses.

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Your Boarding House

Every boarding house is different. Together, you, your housemates and your houseparents create a distinct community and flavour, unlike any of the other houses on campus. You will be a member of this house for your whole time in residence at SMUS, and with new faces coming and going every year, the community is always changing. Learn more about each of the Houses at SMUS:

House Prefects & Leadership Opportunities

As you gain more experience as a boarding student, you will have additional opportunities to take on leadership roles within your house and the boarding community.

There are a variety of Clubs and Councils that you can join to have a say in certain aspects of boarding life – like the House Games Council, where you’ll help plan and organize the fun boarding competitions.You can also become a House Prefect or the student Head of House, playing a very important role as a spokesperson for boarding students to the school’s faculty and administration, and helping to ensure your fellow boarders are happy and having a great time in boarding. 

House Games

Over the course of the school year, you and the other boarders will put your skills to the test in a variety of sports, games and activities with the goal of winning the coveted House Cup. Friendly rivalries form, as houses compete against one another in fun soccer matches, quizzes, creative challenges and more to earn points. The House Cup is awarded (after the exciting Boarders’ House Olympics) to the girls’ house and boys’ house with the most points at the end of the year.

Grace talking about House Games in BoardingI love house games. I love competing with other people from the other houses; it gets me pumped up, and I get really excited because I have a lot of pride in Symons House, so I always want to win.

Virtual Open Houses

Join us on October 22 to learn more about Boarding, our Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

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Take a virtual guided tour of a boarding house.

Boarding at SMUS ViewbookThe Senior School viewbook provides an overview of the SMUS experience.

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If you live in North America you can also request an information package in the mail.

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Wanted: Amazing High School Students

North American students can win one of four boarding scholarships to live and learn at SMUS.

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