The Houses

There are six houses at SMUS - three boys houses and three girls houses - and each one is named after a famous figure in the history of the school. You will become a member of one of the houses when you start at SMUS and it will be your place of residence and your community throughout your time here. More information and a link to the blog of each House can be found below:

Group of boarding students from Bolton House on the playing fields at SMUS

Bolton House

  • Sister House: Timmis
  • Motto: "Brotherhood, Honour, Strength"
  • Mascot: Penguin
  • Colour: White
Read the Bolton Blog

Bolton is a boys house full of tradition. The boys' motto is, "Brotherhood, Honour, Strength" to reflect our values but we also don't take ourselves too seriously (see the penguin video). We are very encouraging of each other and like to celebrate the achievements of our fellow boarders.

I feel great empathy with the boys during the House Games and when the boys in my house are competing in school sports. Like a parent, I feel their losses as well as their victories. We have a great sense of trust in one another.
Chris Bateman, Senior Houseparent and SMUS Alumnus

Who was Bolton?

Bolton House is named after W.W. Bolton, one of the founders of the original University School. A graduate of Cambridge, he was an accomplished athlete and explorer - creating many of the early maps of Vancouver Island. He founded University School in 1906 and after a period in the South Pacific became headmaster from 1925-28. Watch a documentary video of W.W.Bolton’s fascinating life.