The Houses

There are six houses at SMUS - three boys houses and three girls houses - and each one is named after a famous figure in the history of the school. You will become a member of one of the houses when you start at SMUS and it will be your place of residence and your community throughout your time here. More information and a link to the blog of each House can be found below:

Group of boarding students from Harvey house on the playing fields at SMUS

Harvey House

  • Sister House: Symons
  • Mascot: Bear
  • Colour: Black
Read the Harvey Blog

Harvey is generally seen as the smallest of the boys house (and the only boys house without a B in the name!) but it is also a house that is full of creativity and is respectful of tradition. Harvey is also home to the infamous Harvey horn!

Being a houseparent gives you a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and see how a diverse population operates effectively as a community and as a team with a common identity. I also love the energy and excitement that the students bring into the house. There are always a myriad of stimulating discussions going on, and many are so keen to learn about the world around them.
David Kerr, Senior Houseparent and SMUS Alumnus

Who was Harvey?

Harvey is named for R.V. Harvey, a founder of University School who is held in the highest esteem by alumni despite only being at the school for a short time. In 1914, he went to the First World War with his cadet regiment and was wounded in the second battle of Ypres and died as a prisoner of war. His last letter to the school is read aloud every Remembrance Day.