The Houses

There are six houses at SMUS – three boys houses and three girls houses – and each one is named after a famous figure in the history of the school. You will become a member of one of the houses when you start at SMUS and it will be your place of residence and your community throughout your time here. More information and a link to the blog of each House can be found below:

Group of boarding students from Symons House on the playing fields at SMUS

Symons House

  • Brother House: Harvey
  • Motto: "We are Symons, and we are family"
  • Mascot: Superstars
  • Colour: Blue
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Symons is a girls house, which alongside our brother house, Harvey, has a reputation for being very lively and social. Symons not only has the loudest impromptu dance parties but also the coolest houseparents (that is according to the houseparents). In Symons we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere, which extends not only to the students and houseparents, but also to the houseparents’ children and a few dogs!

Our goal, collectively as houseparents in Symons (and throughout the boarding community), is to foster an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging to pursue opportunities that are meaningful. We offer guidance, support and care in a way that meets the needs of each person in our diverse community.
Nikki Kaufmann, Senior Houseparent

Who was Symons?

Symons is named after K.C. Symons, who established St. Michael’s School in Victoria in 1910. He was then headmaster for 36 years, until his retirement in 1946, when his son K.W. Symons took over! Although retired, K.C. continued to teach part-time until 1955 and wrote a book about the school called: “That Amazing Institution” (which is still a fitting title for our school).