The Houses

There are six houses at SMUS – three boys houses and three girls houses – and each one is named after a famous figure in the history of the school. You will become a member of one of the houses when you start at SMUS and it will be your place of residence and your community throughout your time here. More information and a link to the blog of each House can be found below:

Group of boarding students from Barnacle House on SMUS playing fields

Barnacle House

  • Sister House: Winslow
  • Motto: "United"
  • Colour: Red
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Barnacle is a boys house with a simple motto: United. This one word transcends ages and cultures and means that boarders in Barnacle are supportive of others – recognizing that we are stronger together than as individuals.

We have a bundle of chopsticks which sits in our trophy case. It has a chopstick from every member of the house. Those that have not yet graduated have a pair of chopsticks. Upon graduation, they ceremoniously remove one of the chopsticks to take with them, but there is one that remains. Like our community, the bundle grows, and grows in strength. It is also a symbolic gesture of welcome and acceptance for new boarders each year.
Mathew Geddes, Senior Houseparent and SMUS Alumnus

Who was Barnacle?

Of the original founders of University School in 1906, J.C. Barnacle was the one that became headmaster. Affectionately known as ‘Barney’, he inspired loyalty and trust, eventually fulfilling the position of headmaster and president for 17 years. In addition to being an avid rugby and cricket player, he was also an excellent math teacher.